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Boards characteristics

Physical and mechanical properties of insulation boards Kerkothermmeet the requirements of Table 1, or other requirements previously agreed between customer and supplier. Tolerances in shape and size and allowed external defects reported in Table. 2


Tab.1. Physical and mechanical properties of insulation boards Kerkotherm

Property Indicator
Fire resistance  F min 27
Density Kg.m-3 max 1200
Flexural strength  kPA min 600
Thermal conductivity at 20°C W.m-1.k-1 max 0,2
Ignition loss at 1000°C/2 hours % max 14
Humidity % max 2


Tab.2 Permited deviations of sizes and shapes defects

Deviation, defects 


Dimensionaltolerance of

length % max ±3
width ±5
thickness mm ±5
Curvature of a surface  % length max 1,5
Damage of edges and corners   depth mm max 20
the sum of the lengths  % 10


  • On the test specimen are measured the following characteristics: moisture content, bulk density, loss on ignition, heat resistance.

  • Moisture content is measured on the test piece at 110 ° C ± 5 ° C to a constant weight.

  • In the individual supply contracts defective productscannot exceed 5% of delivery, these are still usable for its purpose.

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